My terms have changed beginning 2007. Please note what is stated below before applying to be considered as a potential owner.

My dogs are not sold without a contract of sale. This contract is a legally binding agreement which was designed with the fairness of the purchaser, breeder, and dog in mind. Once you have made an application for adopting one of our fur babies, you can then proceed to fill in the necessary paper work to either email or post to me. This will take place prior to the final stage of adoption, the collection or shipping. If you are not willing to sign sale contracts, then please adopt from another breeder. Take your time to read the contracts thoroughly and if you agree with the terms, then you can sign and return the original contract to the address which will be provided to you.

Please respect my reasons for not allowing home visits. Please click here to find out why. 

All my puppies are vet checked, immunized. I advocate that pet puppies be de-sexed at six months old. Both males and females can develop cancer if left intact and not used as breeding dogs.

I am happy to keep in contact, via email with potential buyers and will give preference to the potential buyers who do make the effort to allow me to get to know them better prior to the actual adoption. Pictures of the babies and updates will only be given to potential buyers showing a keen interest and have made the deposit.

Puppies will be sold with diet and care sheets and all necessary information for the welfare of the puppy and Health Certificate. I also make myself available for any questions via email and guarantee quick responses. In fact, I like to keep in touch with adoptive puppy parents and learn of the dog's progress.

During Summer, puppies will only be freighted when there is a cool change, or early morning. Pick ups the same rule applies.

I am happy to answer more questions if what you have read here is not sufficient. Drop me an email and I will do my best to answer your questions.

I am not running a business, this is purely a hobby and I don't breed very often, so I can be selective about where my babies go. If anyone believes that there is money to be made by breeding dogs, they should think again! There is more money spent on raising them right, breeding them right, and keeping, than there could ever be making money.