The Reasons Why

For many years I would welcome people into my home to view puppies, meet the parents, see where the puppies were raised, etc. But, society has changed so much over the years, and circumstances of events, have lead me to the decision that this can no longer be possible.

Some years ago, a pregnant woman/dog breeder, in the USA was interviewing a potential puppy buyer online. When the time came for the buyer to visit her home and select her puppy, the unthinkable happened, which horrified me and the rest of the world.

She was alone at home…trusting the person also another woman, she invited into her home. She was brutally murdered, her abdomen sliced open and her full term baby robbed from her. Don’t take me word on this, do a Google search and type in woman dog breeder murdered for her unborn baby in the USA, the story will still come up.

At the time, I thought horrible things like that can’t happen all that often…although it only takes once. All the same, I put it at the back of my mind and got on with life as usual.

Some time later, a friend of mine living in suburbia where she bred her dogs for many years, had a husband and wife, potential puppy buyers visit her home to select their new puppy. They couldn’t decide so they went away to have a think about it and get back to her with their decision.

The following day, my friend went shopping only to come home and find her front window had been broken. Going inside, she discovered the entire litter of three little Japanese Chin babies were gone.

Now, mind you, I stated she lived in suburbia and the FRONT window was broken!

She never found the puppies and was heart broken.

Despite this and learning of other breeders having not only puppies but their adult dogs stolen, I still continued to allow home visits, but was growing more and more weary. After all, I was allowing total strangers into my home, my privacy, and for what??? To prove to them what kind of breeder I was??

And living in the country in such a position that I have no neighbors across the road and the ones either side and behind can’t see my property or I their property…made me feel even more uncomfortable.

After a couple visited to view puppies, I thought I may have found the solution to ease my worrying. So, while we were inside the house talking, I got my partner to discreetly take note of their car registration number.

Once they left I called the police and put before them the scenario of “what if my dogs were stolen and I had the registration number of the car or cars to have visited, would that be the starting point of their investigation?”

The answer, a very straightforward NO!!!! I was advised that unless I actually caught red handed someone stealing dogs or anything else, there was nothing that could be done.

My nerves couldn’t take anymore after that and that is when I decided, NO MORE HOME VISITS!

And then to add to all of the above I read the following article which explains what happened to another breeder, click here to view it for yourself. No thanks…why should I subject myself to risk? Would you?

So, I then began to meet potential buyers well away from my home with the puppy and never alone and always in a public area during daylight. I haven’t come across one buyer that had objections to this arrangement and if I did…I would sooner not sell a puppy!

So, please, understand why I and other breeders refuse to give their home address. YES, we do have something to hide, our precious dogs, our home, ourselves, and our sanity!

Would you just allow someone you hardly knew or even a total stranger into your home just because he or she wanted to check you out?

And what of people who buy dogs, cats, etc. from pet shops? Do they get to see where they came from?

Those are my reasons; those are my terms, if you don’t agree with them, then please don’t buy from me.

I have been breeding dogs for over thirty years, let me tell you, things aren’t as they used to be and we have no choice but to change with the times and society.

Thanks for your understanding.