Pomeranians are easy to care for, despite them being a long coated breed. If you buy your puppy from me he will be trained to be groomed, bathed, blow dried and have nails cut from a very early age so the new owner shouldn't have trouble adjusting the puppy to this type of handling. The key is to continue where I left off and do it consistently so the puppy learns to expect the same from you.

A good brushing of the coat at least once a week and more often when the coat is shedding is a must. Make sure to teach your puppy to allow you to comb behind the ears and to lay on his back while you brush the under parts. You can brush your puppy on your lap or on a grooming table, but with the latter, make sure it has a non slip surface and that it is blocked preventing puppy from jumping off, on three sides. When you are cutting nails, hold your Pom in your arms. If you are right handed, tuck him under your left arm, just as you would if you were holding him, and with your left hand, hold the paw that the nails will be cut, firmly, and cut the nails with your right hand. Reverse all this if you are left handed.

Trim around the feet, this gives the Poms feet a nice neat finish, picture a cat's paw and trim the foot to look the same. If you are brave, hold the ear leather in one hand and trim the fur around the ear with the other. Then comb the hair from around the ear and just behind and trim off into a circle. The area around the anus must be clipped away to keep clean. If you don't want to be bothered with coat upkeep and only he is only a pet, you can clip the coat back to an easy to manage length all over.

You may bath your Pom as needed but be sure to blow dry completely. Use a dog shampoo suitable for harsh coats. When he is still a puppy I recommend using Fidos shampoo for puppies which is soap free.

Poms don't cope well during the heat of Summer and many a Pom has been lost to heat stress. It is very important that you keep your Pom in air conditioned comfort during this season. They can tolerate the cold better, but extremes of any temperature the safest way to keep your Pom is indoors.

Do not feed your Poms bones, especially cooked chicken bones. To keep gums and teeth healthy, give them a Dentabone daily.

When feeding your Pom, please ensure there are no lumps of meat or meat that hasn't been cut into very fine pieces as Poms have been known to chock to death trying to swallow big chunks of food.

Don't allow your Pom to jump on and off furniture, leg injuries are to ensure and this can have dramatic affects on patellas also.

Be careful with toy selection that no tiny bits can be chewed off and lodge themselves in the throat.

Poms are happiest when with their owners. He will become your shadow and follow you around wherever you may be. They learn quickly and are usually easy to train. Start them young. They do exceptionally well at Obedience school too. Poms respond well to a lot of love and attention. Discipline should be done with kindness and usually no more than a firm word will suffice when he has done something wrong.

Poms are very loyal to their owners and very protective of them, so it is important to socialize your Pom from a very early age to accept visitors and other pets. They are a big dog in a very small parcel, or at least they think they are big!

If you work and are away from home for long periods of time, consider adopting two Poms. Like all dogs, they are a pack animal and do better if not left alone for too long a period of time. If you aren't their, at least they will find comfort and solace with another. This will prevent excessive barking, boredom, and being depressed. Oh, yes, dogs...just as humans can become depressed. They have feelings and emotions too!

Finally, be warned, once a Pom owner, always a Pom owner, for these little dogs will steal your heart forever. And a bit like chips, it's hard to stop at one!

If you follow all the instructions supplied to you when you adopted your Pom from me, there is no reason why you can't enjoy a good and long time relationship with your Pom for many years. And remember, I am always only an email away. I can always be contacted via this website.