Male or Female?

The choice of a puppy for companion purposes should begin with which breed. If you haven’t already decided then I suggest you study the many different breeds of which may be of interest to you. Each breed has his or her personality traits bred into them over hundreds of years of selective breeding. For example, the Collie was bred for herding, the German Shepherd for guarding and so on. Talk to breeders about your breed of choice as most reputable breeders will be only too happy to discuss the breed characteristics with you.

Most people base their decisions primarily on size and looks and that is fine, as you intend to spend a good many years with your dog as a part of the family, so you need to take into consideration the adult size the dog will become and of course…you will need to like what you are looking at as well. BUT…don’t base your decision only on those two factors, there is so much more that must be taken into consideration.

Begin with looking at yourself and your family, life style, even your home and property. Ask yourself, what breed of dog would suit living here as a part of this family. If you work and are away from home for a good many hours a day, I would suggest getting two dogs that are compatible as to keep one another company while you are not at home. Dogs are pack animals and when left alone for long periods of time, become easily bored and can become destructive or very vocal.

Also consider the amount of grooming and maintenance the dog will need. If they are an active breed which requires a lot of exercise and you aren’t an active person, then re-think your selection and don’t expect the dog will conform to your standards.

Okay, let’s say you have decided you’ve ticked all the boxes to “yes” for a Pomeranian as this is my chosen breed. Good choice! IF…you also fall into the following criteria…you don’t have young children under the age of ten, if you don’t work long hours away from home and plan to only own one Pom, if you have other pets such as a cat or bigger dog…those are just some of the things to consider. You will also have to consider they will need at least weekly brushing and fortnightly bathing and blow drying.

Now, finally which sex? Most people are under the misconception that only females make good house pets. WRONG! Nothing could be further from the truth! Over the many years I have been involved with dogs, I have owned many a female and or male that are exactly the same, in either good or bad characteristics.

I have sold many a male that has gone on to be one of the cleanest easiest to house train dogs ever and the same can be said of females. I guess the point I am trying to make is, there is no difference unless you are planning to breed and then the difference is; you need both to get puppies! But in this case, we are not viewing our decision based on breeding but rather on a life with a much loved family member that will be de-sexed by the time he or she is six months old.

Get the idea of male dogs always cock their legs and mark their territories and females don’t. That is false.  Did you know there are also females that mark their territory? Oh, yes, there is…

Even a retired kennel stud dog CAN be house trained and CAN be cleaner than any other dog. It is up to his owner to teach him just as it would be with a new puppy.

So…male or female, adult or puppy, all can be house trained with the right owner that is the fact.

As for personality differences, again, sex has nothing to do with it. All my puppies are bred selectively for good personalities as well as soundness and all are raised the same way. They are raised inside my home with hands on from birth. They are taught the basics before they leave me, which includes grooming, nail trimming, coat trimming, bathing and blow drying. I breed to perfection, maintain perfection, and it is up to the new owner to continue with the work I have started.

Remember also, that young puppies can only hold on to bladder and bowel control for much shorter periods of time before they let nature take its course! Puppies will be newspaper trained, house training comes with age and with the owners guidance.