We are making available for adoption dogs/puppies only in optimum health. We guarantee for the period of twelve months post sale and the signing of this document, that the dog/pup remains void of genetic diseases.  In the case where the unforeseen does occur and the dog/pup becomes ill, the onus is on the purchaser to take the dog/pup to a veterinarian of his choice, only after contacting the seller via email first (excludes emergencies).  The seller is not responsible for any vet expenses incurred by the purchaser.  If the vetís examinations prove the dog/pup is suffering from a genetic disorder, the purchaser must contact the seller immediately with written proof from two independent vets, upon which instance the dog/puppy will be returned to the seller at the expense of the purchaser.  When another puppy becomes available the purchaser will be reimbursed with another puppy.  Failure to comply with this policy will terminate any obligation on the part of the seller. View also section two of this policy and where a dog is sold as pet only, the de-sexing policy applies.


1. Any accidents to the dog/pup.
2. External or internal parasites.
3. Infectious diseases.
4. Patella luxation.
5. Hernias.
6. Dystocia (whelping difficulties) only applying to breeding dogs.
7. Disputes with landlords about the ownership of pets.  (Please ensure this is allowed prior to purchase.) 
8. Disputes resulting between spouse and other family members not wanting the dog.  (Check before purchase!)
9. Allergies you or a family member may develop to the dog.
10. Dog/pup not getting along with other pets.  ( It may be agreed to have the dog returned to the seller at no charge to the seller).
11.  Stress related illnesses such as Hypoglycemia.
12.  Undescended testicles (excludes male show dogs only) are not covered by this health guarantee nor are correct bites, size, colour, temperament. 

In the event of death under twelve months old, the purchaser must obtain written autopsy results from registered veterinarian stating clearly that the death was the result of a genetic disorder.  In which case, the proof together with all of the puppy's documents should be returned to the seller within 24 hours.  The seller will then give the purchaser another suitable puppy when one becomes available.

Puppy Sale Health Guarantee, Seller & Buyer Agreement Contract

1. If this puppy expired within 15 days of purchase due to any contagious disease (such as distemper, parvovirus, hepatitis, etc...) that was definitely incubating by the time of purchase, you must need to have 2 licensed veterinarians positively diagnosis verified it was definitely incubating by the time of purchase. The seller is to be notified within 48 hours and received all licensed veterinarian verifying diagnosis certificates, lab results within 12 days of death. Seller's vet will confirm any and all submitted diagnosis / records, once we have confirmation of all the submitted diagnosis / records, we will immediately agree to replacing the puppy as soon as another becomes available. 

2.  If this puppy expired before reaching one Year of age due to any condition cased during the prenatal stage, you must need to have a licensed veterinarian saying it was definitely caused from the prenatal stage. The seller is to be notified within 48 hours and received all veterinarian verifying diagnosis certificates, lab results, health records within 12 days of death. Seller's vet will confirm any and all submitted diagnosis / records, once we have confirmation of all the diagnosis / records, we will immediately agree to replacing the puppy as soon as another becomes available.

3.  Buyer has full responsibility of all cost and agrees to take good care of this puppy after sale, which includes but not limited to, spending quality time with this puppy everyday, provide a safe & stable indoor home with high quality dog food, clean water, properly care & veterinary care as needed. Don't take your puppy anywhere other dogs may have visited until at least two weeks post final vaccination. The purchaser must ensure the puppy is allowed safe outdoor time for proper development. The seller/breeder of this puppy is not responsible for any type of veterinarian bill or any costs incurred by this puppy after sale.

4. If this puppy has been sold as family pet companion only and must never be bred (intentionally / unintentionally) or use for any other purpose, we do not give breeding right, spaying / neutering at the earliest safest best age around 6 months of age is highly certainly recommended, if this puppy is not spayed or neutered by 8 months of age, all guarantee will become null and void.  Proof of de-sexing must be sent to the breeder/seller as soon as possible, written and signed by a veterinarian on paper with the practice letterhead. (Does not pertain to show or breeding dogs).

5.  Buyer/owner is required to take this puppy to a licensed veterinarian to have all immunizations that required for its age. 

6.  Deposit and freight cost are non-refundable. Buyer is responsible for all freight and freight miscellaneous charges.

7.  This guarantee applies to the original buyer of this puppy only, this guarantee will become null and void if this puppy was abused, neglected, injured or has been used for breeding. Seller / breeder do not guarantee the puppy's adult size, color or conformation.

8.  We will always take our puppy back and attempt to place it in a good approved responsible home if you find that you cannot keep this puppy for any reason, buyer is not entitled to a refund / replacement of any kind. A commitment for the life of the dog should be made prior to purchasing it.   If the buyer decides to re-sell the puppy, the breeder should be notified of this decision.

9. Full price (adoption fee) of the dog will be paid to the seller prior to the dog being freighted to the purchaser or collected from the seller.

10. A minimum of two hundred dollars deposit is required no later than when the puppy reaches six weeks old.  This is a non refundable deposit.

12. The crate which is airline approved to freight the dog. This becomes the property of the purchaser. (Only applies to Interstate buyers), must be paid for by the purchaser prior to adoption unless by agreement, the crate is hired via the shipping agent.

13. The seller will supply written dietary sheets and any other applicable sheets pertaining to proper care of the dog to the purchaser.

14. The purchaser is required to continue with vaccinations, worming, heartworm preventative, and general veterinarian needs.

15.  The seller will supply written dietary sheets and any other applicable sheets pertaining to proper care of the dog to the purchaser.

16. The seller is not responsible for any incidence that may or may not occur once the dog is in the hands of the shipping company, and or once the dog is handed to the purchaser post sale.

17. The purchaser is required to contact the seller once the dog arrives and advise the seller that he/she has obtained the dog (Interstate buyers).

18. In the case where the seller decides the dog/bitch is no longer wanted, for whatever reasons, the dog/bitch may be re-sold to an appropriate home but this or any other contract then becomes null and void. Under no circumstances will the animal be surrendered to animal shelters or rescue. If the buyer wants to place the dog, then the breeder should be contacted.

Note:  Any hernias, either umbilical or inguinal at the time of sale or developing thereafter, are not the responsibility of the breeder/seller.  If the hernia is apparent and extremely large needing medical attention and causing a medical problem to the dog, the seller will advise the purchaser before the sale and make a reasonable deduction on price of the sale to assist in medical repairs which can be conducted at the same time as de-sexing.  The seller will have cost assessed by his/her veterinarian.

The purchaser has the right to take the dog/pup to a vet of his/her choice for a medical examination within two working days post sale for confirmation of health.

This contract represents the final and complete guarantee and agreement between Buyer and Seller, By signing this contract, both parties acknowledge that they have read, understand and agree with the terms of this contract. Both parties will retain a copy of this contract.   Health Policy and terms applies to dogs sold for exhibition, breeding, and pet.

If you do not agree to abide by this Health Policy, please do not request to buy a dog from me.

I, (name of new owner)_____________________________________________________

Being of the address_______________________________________________________

On this day (date)_________________________________________________________

I am of the understanding of all terms and conditions regarding the adoption of a dog. I have been informed me in writing, guidelines of adoption to which I agree. I have been informed in writing the protocol of how to settle, feed, and care for the dog. I understand the dog I will be adopting will be in sound health and condition, to the best of my knowledge, but is not guaranteed for any problems that may arise in the unforeseeable future.

I am prepared to meet the stated terms of de-sexing, micro-chipping, dental needs (if any) hernia repairs (if any) as part of this agreement.

I am prepared to properly house, feed, and maintain the dog for the term of his/her natural life.

I understand that this is a legally binding contract of adoption.

FULL NAME:_________________________________________________________


PHONE AND EMAIL ADDRESS:_________________________________________


WITNESSED BY:________________________________________________________

ADDRESS OF WITNESS:_________________________________________________

WITNESSED ON THIS DATE BEING:______________________________________

(Medicare card drivers licence or any other documentation to show your full name and address)

(Please note, this may be witnessed by a Justice of the Peace, veterinarian, doctor, chemist or officer of law.)

SIGNATURE OF WITNESS_______________________________________________

Upon completion, this slip can be scanned and emailed to Anne Muscat at the email address provided or mailed to Anne Muscat PO BOX 24 SLP Smythesdale Victoria 3351 at your earliest convenience. Adoption will proceed as planned as soon as this form is made available.