Truly my dogs are my blessings. I have taken some candid shots while out playing. My dogs all play together unless there is someone in season!  Then the boys aren’t with the girls. I love watching them play and have a bench in their Summer play area where I can sit and watch them and of course…interact! Their Summer area is almost a ¼ acre of securely fenced area where there are no dangerous plants and my babies are protected. They have trees for shade as well as shade sails and day beds and cubby houses. The Winter area is concreted and covered three sides and roof, for protection from the cold. At night, they sleep in their own warm/cool bedroom (depending on the weather. They each have their own nice bed and clean bedding. And don’t even mention toys…there is more here than at a Kindergarden! Enjoy the shots! There will be more to come! I no longer have the Chihuahuas.