Whether it be a young puppy, older puppy or an adult bought from Cupidtown, one thing is for certain. They have been brought up in a manner which is suitable for good health, and development.  You have purchased wisely from a breeder who has dedicated 40 years of her life, breeding and raising puppies of superior quality; breeding for soundness, temperament, and good looks! A breeder who is also the author of two dog reference books.

I only guarantee puppies or adult dogs that have been bred by me, not if I have bought them in for my breeding program from another breeder. The reason for this is, I am very familiar with my bloodlines, not that of another breeder.

UPON ARRIVAL THINK LIKE A PUPPY THINKS. How puppies behave here, may be different to how they will behave in your environment. Keep in mind, they have been born and raised here with a routine I have for puppies and or adult dogs.

Depending on the age of the puppy you have adopted from me, the care will be different.

YOUNG PUPPIES AGED 9 WEEKS. Puppies of this age will require a puppy pen and have different dietary needs, the notes for what is needed will have been supplied to you before you brought the baby home.

FIRSTLY:  Puppy will not be accustomed to the new environment, so be prepared for some crying for the first few nights in particular. For the puppy’s safety keep him confined to his puppy pen and do not give in. In the long run, this stand will pay off.

When you have puppy out of the puppy pen, think as a puppy would. By nature, puppies are inquisitive. They will check out what can be found in tiny, confined spaces, where you may not be able to easily reach them and this could be a problem and in cases dangerous too! Also, a caution about stairs…deadly to a puppy. Even one small step can result in a broken leg. Electrical cords, may be a toy for a young puppy that may decide to chew them! Look around everywhere where your puppy will be allowed to roam and think as a puppy would, in other words, puppy proof the room where puppy will be allowed to play and have him under a watchful eye. Also keep in mind at this age, they are not house trained. Keep a puppy pad handy and put him on it to eliminate often.

For the first week, don’t subject the puppy to “show off” visits. Give him time to settle in first. And do NOT take your puppy visiting either. Nor allow your puppy to go where other dogs have gone, such as a park etc. until they are fully vaccinated plus two weeks. Mind young children around puppy at all times.

OLDER PUPPIES AND ADULT DOGS. These are very different to adopting a young puppy. They have been brought up differently and KNOW the difference. They don’t know you, they don’t know the environment, and it may take them longer to adjust than it would a young puppy who loves the whole world and everyone in it!

PATIENCE is the key. Not everyone in this category will behave the same way. You may be lucky and the Pom will just take to you instantly. But others may need time to trust you and love you unconditionally as most Poms love.
If they appear to be fearful, please look at it from their perspective. Give them time, be patient, they will come around. Put them in an exercise pen to begin with, so they don’t have the entire house to run away from you and try to hide. They may have had a long flight, even an hour is a long flight for some. They have had to endure strange noises, people, flying and so on…that is what has unsettled them the most, not you the stranger in the strange house. Offer them food, water, and encourage them to take a titbit from your hand…cheese, chicken…whatever…but the best I have found is a bit of liverwurst paste (from your supermarket) spread on a tiny piece of cracker, or even roll it up in a ball and offer straight.

Speak to them softly, show them you are not to be feared. Wait for them to come to you, don’t crowd them or ask too much from them to begin with, like introducing them to other dogs or showing them off to other strangers. 

If you think you will not have the facilities or the patience to adopt an older puppy or adult Pom, please don’t! Once the pup or adult have left my premises, there is no coming back for health reasons and also for the sake of the dog having to be uprooted yet again and getting stressed all over. So, be sure you are the right owner to adopt at this age bracket.

Once they have settled in and you allow them to play in a garden, please ensure there is no means of escape. Gates locked, gaps between ground and fence, blocked, no access to getting under the house, watch out for steps leading outside. Look around carefully to any potential dangers, which also includes access to Rose bushes. Many a Pom has lost an eye by running into these and meeting with thorns. Also, there are a lot of plants that are poisonous to dogs, please do a Google search to make sure your precious fur bundle will not meet with an untimely death. Swimming pools are another area of danger. Insecticides, fertilizers, snail bait, rat poison, all deadly to dogs. The European wasp can be deadly, so do not feed your Pom outside. Wasps are attracted to the food as well and many a dog has been lost due to wasp bites to the back of the throat or from anaphylactic shock. Also be sure there are no snakes around! Bull ants can pack a powerful bite and again, same as above. I am sure there are many other nasties not mentioned here, but again Google will let you know. If you live in a rural open area, beware of Eagles, Hawks, and Falcons. Yes, indeed, many a Pom has been taken by them for their meal.

FINALLY, Poms do not do well in any extreme of weather. Heat kills! Anything over 30c they should be inside where it is air conditioned. PLEASE do not take them anywhere in a car and most definitely do not leave unattended in the car! Too cold, anything under 10c and they should be inside where it is warm.

I hope these notes have been of some help to you. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email me at any time and I will answer ASAP.

Enjoy your Cupidtown Pomeranian and may you be blessed
with many long and happy years together.

Written by
Anne Muscat

Excuse any repetitions, was written at separate times


Congratulations on your new adoption and here at Cupidtown we wish you a long and happy life together. To ensure a smooth transition of going from us to you, we suggest you follow the guidelines carefully.

Keep the following points in mind:

· Babies are raised inside my home. They have no contact with anyone other than their dam and breeder and husband; this is to prevent exposing them to disease.
· They are socialized to the best of my ability keeping in mind the above.
· They never travel anywhere; my vet does a home visit for vaccination and microchips.
· Some do get car sick, others don’t. I have no idea of this in advance.
· They are not allowed outside at all. The ones I keep, only after their second vaccination and a couple of weeks have passed. They are then allowed to play in the puppy area only, where adult dogs are off limits.
· They are used to eating what I provide them.
· They are used to drinking the water available here
· They do not have interaction with young children or babies, for their own protection.
· They have no interaction with cats or other pets.
· They are not allowed to roam free inside my home, they are inside puppy pens with their little beds, food, water, and toilet area covered in newspapers. And lots of toys…of course!
· Puppy pens otherwise known as exercise pens are especially made for dogs. They are not crates, and very much like human baby play pens.
· It is recommended you keep your puppy in a puppy pen for rest and when not supervised. Puppies, just like babies, need rest and sleep periods.
· Please supervise closely if you allow your puppy to interact with children. They should not be permitted to carry young puppies around.
· Please give your puppy time to settle into his new surroundings. They don’t know you or their new home, some may react with being timid or frightened, which is natural. Give them time to settle in and accustomed.
· Keep to the diet I have provided.
· It is up to you to house train your puppy, some learn sooner than others, patience is needed.
· Do not bath or blow dry your puppy for at least three weeks, giving him enough time to settle in and trust you. All puppies are bathed before leaving here.
· All Cupidtown puppies are free of external and internal parasites. Worm your puppy two weeks after you get him. I use Troy puppy suspension.
· Make sure toys are suitable for puppies so as they can’t remove small objects and choke.
· Think as a puppy would, make your home and yard puppy proof.
· Certain plants are poisonous to dogs, do a Google search to learn which ones shouldn’t be in the reach of puppies.
· Chocolate is deadly for all dogs. And small chunks of meat can choke them.
· Be careful with electrical cords which puppy may chew on.
· Keep puppies away from swimming pools.
· Keep puppies inside during the extremes of weather.
· Puppies do not cope well with humid weather, make sure you have a fan on to circulate air.

Any questions, concerns, email me. I will get back to you ASAP. Enjoy your baby and keep his welfare in mind.