You get quality without compromise.  As a breeder and (formerly) exhibitor of purebred dogs for thirty years, also having my Diploma in Animal Care and Orthomolecular Medicine, and being the author of the book "Let's Talk Dogs" and "Breeding Precious Puppies", you should expect nothing less.  I have high expectations of myself and my standards and having dedicated most of my adult life to dogs, I apply the same standards to how I maintain, raise, and breed them.

It has always been my belief, that owning dogs is not compulsory, it is a privilege and unless you are prepared to look after them properly, love and tend to them willingly, always ensuring you do what is best for their optimum well being, then you should not own dogs.

I breed dogs for exhibition and companionship. I decided not to do the exhibition side myself a couple of years ago.  After twenty six years, I called it quits; however, I still very much enjoy raising dogs of superior quality for the benefit of the breed and my own personal satisfaction.  I love having to raise baby puppies and they fulfill my life in only ways they can.

When you adopt a puppy or young adult from me, I can assure you there has been a lot of care, thought, love, and the best of everything humanely possible put into that dog, long before he was born, long before he was conceived.  Not only my experience as a professional breeder, but my on going research into dogs and what best serves their needs, etc. gives you the buyer a well bred, well socialized, well fed, and reared inside my home under constant supervision, puppy.

Apart from paying for a superior quality puppy you also have peace of mind knowing:

1. The puppy has been vet checked, vaccinated, wormed, and socialized.
2. You have ongoing experienced after sales advice.
3. You will always have email contact with me leading up to, and after the adoption.
4. You will be sent ample baby pictures and you can watch your baby grow while you wait for him to join you.
5. You have peace of mind with my sale contracts and Health Policy.
6. If you live Interstate or International, you have peace of mind that I will attend to all flight arrangements, even right down to hiring the crate on your behalf, you will get all details as they come to hand, and your new baby will arrive in immaculate condition comfortably.
7. You will be supplied with plenty of notes on how to properly care for your new adoption and including dietary advice.
8. I offer advice in regards to show training and exhibition where requested.
9. I offer advice with breeding and raising dogs if that is what the dog was purchased from me with that intent.
10. I offer my book "Let's Talk Dogs", author signed with a 10% discount to buyers of my dogs. 
11. Puppies leave with a Health Certificate.

I don't often breed, so I can afford to be selective about who adopts my babies.  I am interested in their long term life post sale.  I always give preference to potential adoptive parents who allow me to get to know them first and stay in touch regularly via email.  And I always appreciate to know how the baby matures or how the adult has settled into their new home and with their new family as time goes on.

This, and so much more, is what you get when you make your adoption through me.  I suggest you take advantage of the contact form supplied on this website to contact me when you are ready to adopt and stay in touch.

Thank you for selecting me, you will be glad you did.