What is wet lung? It is a term that is used to describe retained fluid in the lungs. Neonatal puppies born naturally, have most all of the amniotic fluids squeezed out of their lungs during the birthing process as they pass through the birthing canal. However, puppies born by caesarean section do not. Retained fluids can cause "wet lung' in puppies. Left untreated, this may cause the puppy to have breathing difficulties and perish.

SYMPTOMS: Soon after birth, the puppy sounds congested in the nose and lungs. Some puppies may exhibit difficulty in nursing, others may not. Hold the puppy to your ear and or use a stethoscope to listen to the lungs. If you hear wheezing or a crackling noise, then your puppy has Wet Lung.

TREATMENT: If the puppy is nursing and is not showing any signs of distress, then simply place a humidifier in the room where the puppies are kept to help keep the air moist. Also take the puppy and place him on your lap several times a day and gently tap on each side of his chest. If the puppy is not nursing well and is obviously showing signs of being unwell, it is advisable to have your vet put the puppy on a broad spectrum antibiotic. You may have to stomach tube feed until the puppy shows signs of becoming more interested in nursing from the dam.