We first contacted Anne Muscat in November 2011 with respect to the Breeding program and when she would have puppies available.
Since this time and up to the birth of her puppies in November 2011 we had continuous contact with Anne and I have to say that the responses
from her leaves nothing to be desired. We have in some instances had daily contact by email and the immediate reply and the patience she has
given to us has been an indication of the whole period from November until we received our beautiful (Kaylee ) in January 2012.
I would strongly recommend Anne to anyone who is looking for the best Pomeranian breeder in Australia and who has the best pups you could
get . During this period we have exchanged emails (on more than one time) every day. Again I have to mention Annes patient and courtiers
attitude that she has shown during the whole period we have been in contact with her. Thank you again Anne.
Lorna and Merv Jackson, Seaview Downs . South Australia.
Hi Anne,
It was truly lovely meeting you as well! I hope you got home safe and well!
We got home around 3pm. Tata had prepared our little princess her usual diet from your recipe and she loved every bite. We name her Cece (pronounced C.C.). She drinks a lot of water and jumps around (yes) in our bed. She reminds us of our late Xiuxiu, a Pomeranian princess too.
We can tell that she has been loved and cared for and we really are grateful that you trust her with us. Cece is one perfectly healthy, quality breed (show dog) that flaunts her petite overalls and cute round ears and tiny nose. She matches the description on your website and more. I am a photographer and I have to say, the photos on your website do not do her justice - she is much more fabulous, cuter and gorgeous in real life! Anne, if you ever need a photographer, I will be here with bells on :-)
I thank you for all the quick replies and detailed explanation via emails that make effective communication and trustworthy sale.
I am looking at her while typing this email and I can't stop the smile on my face. I have taken some iPhone snaps of her this afternoon and shown them to my friends and family (see photos attached). "Awww" pretty much sums up all their reactions. I plan to take more fabulous shots of her using my camera and show to my Facebook fans and friends. I shall send you photos.
Thank you again, for her and for bringing to life world's most adorable beings.
Kindest regards,
Ed & Tata Purnomo
Melbourne Victoria
Hi Anne,

Just wanted to send you a quick email to tell you that Gizmo is doing great. He settled in great.

He loves spending time with all of us but especially my son. His colour has faded but he still has black on the back part of him.

I recently took him to East St Albans Vet to have him de sexed he recovered very quickly, he also has been micro chipped.
The vet told me that he still has his baby teeth and that they were not going to touch them and to see what happens when his adult teeth push through.

Once again thank you so much for selling him to us as he is the best thing that has happened to this family for a while. We love him heaps, even my mum who is not a dog person, Gizmo is the only Dog that i know of that she has taken to and holds every time she sees him.

I have attached 3 photos for you, one with my daughter on his arrival from your place another not to long ago and 1 that has him with Xmas hat this was taken this afternoon as you can see he is ready for his 1st xmas.

Fiona Mercieca
Melbourne Victoria

Hi Dear Wonderful Anne,
I suppose that I could write a thousand of words with hundreds of pages to describe all the events that have made me laugh and cry with joy of this little dog, but I think that it can all be encapsulated in the following short sentence.
This little bundle of fur and energy is PERFECT and we are bonding as one for the life ahead. He has more front than Myers and more personality than I have ever seen in one so small. Today is the day that I will finally decide his name for I am looking for a special name that describes the size of this heart and the strength of personality.
I have never laughed or cried so much for a long time with such happiness for I was missing this little dog and I wasn’t just going to go and get just any dog, it had to be special, and he is very, very special. So I am so happy that I waited for HIM. I know that I am just the following for him:
· I am his plaything
· I am a beard to pull if I lie on the floor and he jumps on my chest
· I am a pants leg to pull so I walk funny
· I am a big toe that he finds if I wiggle it
· I am the wearer of the dressing gown that he loves to tug at
· I am the one that has provided him with a pair of slippers to destroy
I have finally found the recipe that he likes most of all to eat. He didn’t like my beef based stew but I cooked a similar version with minced chicken breast and he loved it and eats with great gusto and enthusiasm, and although I was eating roasted chicken breast with a cheese sauce and I gave him a taste and he went crazy for more and was jumping around until I gave him another small portion. So me and him will eat our separate dinner, but I will share a little bit of mine with him.
He sleeps very well at the side of my bed and he doesn’t wake me up until about 5:00am in the morning when he is obviously hungry.
Toilet training is progressing in a very relaxed manner for I am not creating any stress for him if he makes a mistake in the house. I don’t mind cleaning up a hundred little Wee’s or Pooh’s if he finally gets the message, and I praise him make a big fuss of him if he does it outside.
He can’t open the “doggy door” by himself as yet for it has a strong magnet to keep it closed on a windy day, so I will remove the magnet and although it may flap and make a bit of noise in the breeze, it will help him to come and go as he pleases. He is so small that the door step is a little bit high for him, so today I will go to Bunnings and buy some timber to make a small ramp for him, as I am concerned that he may fall of the step although it is only one brick thickness. (10 cm) All the care love and protection that I giving him will pay me back by rewarding me with a faithful friend who has no fear of any punishment if he does something wrong. I can remember when we first got little Ricky when he was approx 7 months old, and I extended my hand to stroke him and he immediately rolled onto his back in total submission and he was cowering from me. It took him a long time to realise that there were NO smacks from my hands, only strokes and love.
This brings me to thinking that you do an amazing job of finding the right people to adopt you puppies. The scrutiny that you give them is well founded and your system of extended email communication before the deal is finalised allow you to get to know the people before they take your “kids”. I don’t think I could ever sell any of my animals to anyone for I wouldn’t be sure they could care for them and this makes me think that if anything happens to me or I fall of the perch so to speak, then my little dog should come back to you so you can choose the right person to care for him. This is a worry for me as I am by myself with no relatives that can have him. I suppose it is a bit of a negative thought for I am sure that I will live forever, or long enough to care for him until he has completed his long and happy life, but you never know.
I really didn’t thank you enough Dear Anne for this bundle of fur and personality ( and attitude. LOL) you have made me very, very happy, Last night is the first time in months that I had a peaceful and undisturbed sleep for I have been dreaming so much of my little Ricky since he died, and those dreams have not happened since my new little mate has arrived. This little dog is the best medicine that I could have wished for and I can well understand how Becky will help the hospital patients in W.A. when Nora takes her there.
Today he is going to be groomed so he will look beautiful when a friend drops in. Of course if they wish to touch him they will have to wash their hands beforehand as I am paranoid about him catching any germs at this time. He has been the “star" of a few videos as I make a catalogue of his life with me from the start. It is so hard to take a video of photo with me in it as well for he doesn’t stay in one place for too long and I am not able to “pan” the camera around back onto us.

Bye for now Dear Anne,
HUGS Bernie
Melbourne Victoria.