Welcome to this section of my world. Precious To Me Reborn Babies! And hand created sculpted babies!

As well as creating beautiful dogs, I create beautiful forever babies! I am a reborn artist. For those of you not familiar with the art of Reborning, here is a simple explanation. Reborning baby dolls is an art and a hobby.

These babies are created by using vinyl sculpt kits which have been created by the many talented artists. The kits are brought to life by the reborn artist. They are made to look, feel and resemble as close as possible a baby.

These dolls are collector dolls and not play dolls. People also use these dolls as a source of comfort in cases where mothers have lost their own babies, in nursing homes, facilities for the mentally disabled, and many other organizations. They are also used as models to showcase people's creations of baby wear. And of course for baby lovers overall and for those of us whose babies are adults and we recapture the love we felt for them when they were so young and vulnerable.

A lot of time, patience, and devotions goes into making these beautiful one of a kind creations. Plus a lot of financial cost too! Kits are expensive and often have to be imported from overseas. Then you have the cost of the bodies, eyes, hair, paints, fiber stuffing, weights, let alone electrical costs to cure them and buying clothes and accessories to finish them off. And these are only some of the costs involved!

There are special techniques that are used to achieve the baby complexion. Genesis Heat Set paints are used and baking (curing). Many hours of application of layer upon layer of different colours and techniques to produce the translucent look of a baby. Veining, scratch marks, milk spots, are just a few of the applications to add to the realism of these babies.

Hair is usually always micro rooted one to two strands at a time, using the finest quality mohair. When complete this is sealed from the inside and the hair may be dampened and styled. Some of my babies may have mohair wigs instead which will be stated. I buy these high quality wigs from the US.

Fingernails and toenails are made to look realistic right down to the nail tip.

The bodies are jointed, made of a doe suede material,  so they can be posed the same as a newborn baby. They are poly filled and weighted. Holding one of these babies feels like you are holding a real baby. People are constantly amazed at just how realistic they are!

All my babies are sold with a laminated Birth Certificate (certificate of authenticity) signed by the artist (me). They are also sold with a written guarantee and care instructions.

Please enjoy your visit and take your time to have a look at what I have created and will continue to create. My reward isn't monetary, it comes from creating a beautiful baby that brings me pleasure and also pleasure to people who have adopted one and email me to tell me what it means to them and how much comfort and joy they have got from my creations.

If you have any questions at all or would like more information, please feel free to email me using my email contact form elsewhere on this website. Enjoy your visit and check back often as this site will be updated. If you have any questions at all, you can email me by clicking "contact me"  just below. All currently available babies will be listed on my Facebook page. If the link below doesn't work, copy and paste into your browser.