And indeed it is! Home is certainly where the heart is. We moved to this beautiful piece of what we refer to as paradise on earth for the sake of our much loved dogs. We live on five and a half acres on the edge of the woods/forest/bush land…whatever you refer to it. It is pure bliss. We are delighted with so many beautifully colored birds and they enrich our lives with their song and friendliness. We do have a lot of different wildlife visiting such as Kangaroos, but not within the boundaries of our home or our dogs’ areas and beautiful colorful gardens also makes us appreciate where we are; a lot of work, but well worth the effort.

We don’t believe in penning our dogs separately. The only reason that would happen is in the case of a bitch in season, otherwise they are permitted to interact and play all together until their heart’s content. The area in which they can play and run in good weather is huge and fenced off the rest of the property by solid steel fencing. Apart from the shade from big trees, they also have a massive shade sail, day beds, kennels to share if they wish to, toys galore and other items to entertain themselves. This area is free of all plants that may prove to be a problem or harmful to them. It adjoins our back garden and is within a few meters from the back of the house.

If the weather is cold and wet, they are allowed to play in the winter area which is concreted and closed in three sides with a roof. There they have their day beds with warm blankets, and everything they have in the summer/good weather area.

They also have their own room with air conditioning and heating. Our dogs are used to a routine as to when they go to bed in their own bedrooms for rest and relaxation, to be fed their evening meal and when they are let out to play every morning. The bedrooms are large enough to allow for a newspapered area to eliminate on if in case they need to go during the night. They have their own beds and bedding, plus their water and food.

They are groomed, trimmed, and all their needs taken care of. We are very fussy on keeping them clean and in top condition. After all…they are priceless to us.

I am a firm believer that dogs are social pack animals and to have them confined or left alone all day and night is unfair and cruel. I strongly suggest to any of my potential puppy adoptee if they work and the dog is going to be left alone for long periods of time, to consider getting two. Dogs’ emotional health is as important as physical health and as I stressed, they are a pack animal and need to belong to a pack.

Ours live as stress free a life as possible, with having their own areas, there are no boundaries and they are free to be…DOGS…and do what comes naturally without any off limit areas or impositions. I find this has greatly benefited in the overall health of the dog and reproduction.  They all live happily together and with us of course; enjoying the peace and quiet of country life.

All my girls are brought into my home to have their babies. They are put into a puppy pen with their whelping bed all on its own removable floor for hygiene. They are closely monitored and I am always present when puppies arrive, to assist with the delivery.

Babies are then raised indoors. Once they have had their fist vaccination, they are allowed to play in the puppy area outside which is sheltered and concreted, weather permitting, but are still brought inside our home to sleep. They never come in contact with adult dogs.

I have followed this regimen for thirty five years of breeding and it has been successful for me. Adding to the above, a good diet, no parasites, and lots of TLC, makes for happy dogs and happy breeder.

I have some photos to share with you, but these were taken when I was still breeding Japanese Chins, I no longer have that breed. Enjoy.
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