If you need assistance with hand rearing puppies, please email me with the following important information for a better assessment and I will do my best to try and help you further.  I have been very successful in helping other breeders from all around the world in this manner.

1.  When was the litter born?

2.  When did you first notice the problem?

3.  What is the condition of the dam?

4.  Describe every symptom your puppy/puppies are exhibiting, include all details no matter how irrelevant you may think they might be.

5.  I need to know the color, consistency, and frequency of stools.

6.  Is the puppy/puppies dehydrated?

7.  Does the puppy/puppies suffer from reflux?

8.  What is the color of the puppy/puppies abdomen?

9.  Checking on the previous page, under what is normal for a puppy what are you seeing not normal in your puppy/puppies?

10.  Check your puppy/puppies thoroughly all over for any lumps, skin erosions, pustules.

Email all the above information and any other information you think might be relevant together with several photos of the puppy/puppies.  I need to see them in the bed you are raising them in several positions. EG: On their back, side, normal position.

Mark your email in the subject line, URGENT PUPPY HELP then email me using the contact form on this site.

You will need to keep emailing me progress reports with all details, response, lack of response, etc. Daily.

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