Crying puppies.

Puppies cry for a reason. Maybe they are too cold, or too hot? Maybe they have a pain .locating where the pain is, isn't always easy but here are some tips.

Colic, will produce spasmodic pains. Puppy will cry out and curl his legs as close as possible to his body. Soak a cotton ball in warm water and gently massage the abdomen area in small circular motions. You can give the puppy a small dose of a colic preparation made for human babies. You can also administer carefully, drop by drop, via a I ml syringe, Chamomile tea. Make the tea up, add glucose to it and give several times a day. Works wonders!

Swollen eye lid. This indicated infection and must be treated to prevent damage to the eye. Put puppy on Clavulox antibiotics, as recommended elsewhere, and several times a day apply a cotton ball to the eyes soaked in warm saline water. Use the cotton ball as a warm compressor applying very gentle pressure. Usually at the corner of the eye, where there is a little slit, the pus will ooze out.

Reflux, usually seen with older puppies, but can be seen with nursing puppies too. Puppy will bring up the milk up through his nose and throat, shake his head, salivate profusely, and become distressed. Administer a human liquid antacid such as Mylanta, diluted in water with glucose added. Depending on the puppy size, 0.1 ml several times a day to 0.5ml

Swimmer puppies. These puppies are usually fat, lazy, and have an excellent mother with an abundant milk supply who is willing to sit there nursing them all day long. Looking at a swimmer puppy from above, he looks like a turtle, flat out with his legs sticking out from under him. They look flattened! They cannot crawl or lift themselves on to their legs. Their chest are also flat. Remove the mother for longer periods of time. If puppy is kept on a heating pad, remove the heating pad. Using the bedding I use, (described elsewhere) between the bedding slip and mattress, place an egg foam piece of foam so to make the bedding surface uneven. If you do not have any such foam, use scrunched up balls of newspaper to fill the area. The material used for the slips should have good traction. Several times a day, place the puppy on your lap back down, take hold of each little leg and gently massage the legs, and turn them in a fashion as though the puppy were riding a bike. These puppies can be treated successfully. Left untreated they can die.

Written By
Anne Muscat-Roditis
Author of the Book
"Let's Talk Dogs"
copyright 2007