I strive to breed soundness, good temperament and the beauty of the doll faced Pomeranians. My dogs are bred selectively for these qualities with very many years of dedication to the breed.

I breed according to the standard which means a Pomeranian only comes in one size, "small", "Toy", size. There is no such thing as the Standard or Mini size Pomeranian, there is only one size, "Tiny".

Elsewhere on this web site, you have seen pictures of my Pomeranians. The only thing you cannot see in pictures is the size of the dog. They are tiny, little bundles of fur with doll faces. My adults weigh an average of 2 kilos at maturity.

You will not find the same quality in Pet Stores or from breeders not breeding in accordance to a set standard.

My Pomeranians are selectively bred for all of the qualities we strive for and with over 30 years of breeding experience.

Poms are a delightful dog to own but I do not recommend families with young children under the age of five for the safety of the dog. My puppies are born inside my home and raised inside. Their care is of the utmost importance to me and they are selectively bred and raised.

If you have not taken the virtual tour of our Pomeranians yet, please feel free to do so and judge the quality we offer to you.